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Lease Modification Transactions

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Lease Modification TransactionCan you afford your current rent? Why move, realize immediate savings with rent modification transactions resulting in lowered rental rates while providing you budget stability.

  • Due to market changes lease rates have dropped drastically
  • With a lease modification you can begin saving immediately
  • Our lease specialists will review your options at no cost

Tenants today have the ability to renegotiate their lease terms according to their current business needs, despite the fact that there may be several years remaining on the lease. The result is real cost-savings for both the tenant and the landlord.

Through a lease modification transaction known as 'blend-and-extend' leases, tenants can use the allure of an early renewal to renegotiate a lease, often injecting advantageous new terms such as lower rents and additional capital improvements. The landlord avoids vacancy costs, full brokerage fees and heavy tenant improvement costs.

Let the seasoned negotiators at Starboard TCN help you structure a cost saving solution. Contact us today and start saving with a lower rental rate tomorrow.

In this uncertain commercial real estate market, good things donít always come to those who wait!