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TCN Worldwide Ranked as One of The Top Brands in the Industry

May 06, 2009

The Lipsey Company, a third party training and consulting firm specializing in the commercial real estate industry, recently announced the results of their 2009 Top Brands Survey.  Ranking the most recognizable brands from all sectors of the commercial real estate industry, TCN Worldwide moved up 7 slots to number 15.

Ranking not only brokerage firms but rather all firms that operate within the Commercial Real Estate Industry, TCN Worldwide moved up seven places when compared to last year. Among giants like CBRE, LoopNet and CoStar, TCN Worldwide ranked as the 15th most recognizable brand throughout the CRE industry. This represents a considerable jump and is our highest ranking in the history of Lipsey's Top Brands Survey, which has been in existence since 2002.

We are pleased by our strong showing in this well respected survey and feel this ranking helps to illustrate the strength and the scope of our organization, notably ranking TCN Worldwide as one of the most recognizable brands within the CRE industry. The results reflect the ballots, informal focus groups, and opinions from a variety of sources made up of the 41,000 practitioners and industry leaders from REITs, Institutions, Mortgage Bankers, Commercial Brokers, Asset Managers, Property Managers and related professionals who were surveyed.

View the complete survey results online at


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