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Top 10 Mobile Apps that Will Improve Your Sales

Apr 09, 2014

As a salesperson, we are always busy working on deals that we sometimes fall behind on latest technology that can actually allow us to be more efficient and effective in our work. Below are top ten apps that every salesperson should use.

1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Microsoft just announced that they are now introducing Office for iPad. They also offer Office for iPhone and Android. This is a true game changer for the ninety-five percent of us that use MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on a daily basis. Now, we will be able to utilize these tools on our mobile devices. You can purchase Office through the Apple Store or Google Play for a single charge, or you can purchase Microsoft 365 for an annual fee of $99.00. This will not only allow you to continuously stay up to date with the latest Office product, but will also install software on up to five devices, from computers to smartphones. When you think about the cost of downloading a single copy Office and if you plan on installing it on several machines - this is truly a great deal!

2. Quickoffice


This is a great (free) app developed by Google, which allows you to create and edit word documents, excel files, and PowerPoint presentations all on your smartphone or tablet. If you also use Google Drive, this will allow you to secure 15GB of free storage to keep your files. This allows you to use your files across platforms and from anywhere, on any mobile device.

3. Evernote


This is also a free tool that allows you to manage your day-to-day activities and action items. You can create to-do lists, schedules, draft notes, organized by date, client, or subject. You can search all of your notes much like a Google search, using key words to find notes from past meetings. You can share your files via email or text message. You may also record phone meetings, directly from your phone, saved directly into your notes. Evernote also allows you to save your data in the cloud storage, freeing up memory from your desktop.

4. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor

This app is a powerful tool for those people that struggle with a fast battery drain. The app can optimize your Android phone and stop background tasks to increase your battery backup. It also controls brightness, GPS, Wi-Fi and data connections.

5. Pocket


You see something interesting on your phone and you have to try to email yourself the links or let tabs pile up in your mobile browser. With Pocket, you just save them to the app. Save articles, videos, webpages, and pretty much anything you can pull up on your phone and save it to your Pocket app. Save directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite. It also works online or offline and is perfect for those who are always traveling, with limited Wi-Fi connection.

6. Link Bubble

Link Bubble

This is a new browser for your Android that lets you click on a link in an app, without actually leaving your webpage. It works seamlessly with Pocket. There are other mobile browsers that do similar things, however this does it more cleanly and with minimalism in comparison to other versions.

7. Hootsuite


This app can be found both in a desktop as well as a mobile app. This program manages and schedules your posts to multiple social media profiles, all with one push of a button. Update your Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn and more.

8. Roambi Analytics


Roambi re-designs the way you interact with, share, and present data from a completely mobile perspective. Take data from anywhere and transform it into a simple, engaging and intuitive experience that helps you understand, present and share numbers. This is a great app for those who work with data-rich content.

9. Daylite 4

Daylite 4

This is an Apple app that allows you to organize your projects, sales, emails, meetings, calendar contacts and notes, all in one program with a very simple interface. Track projects by viewing related contacts, activities and notes with the project- management system. Daylite 4's powerful search capabilities also allow you to perform simple or complex searches to find what you're looking for. You can even save them for future use.

10. Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings

This app can be found in all mobile stores. What makes WebEx different from other video conferencing services is that files can be attached to a meeting space. Which means you can pitch a presentation or discuss numbers from Excel spreadsheets, in real time, while video chatting with your contacts– all on your mobile device.


Written by: Hans Hansson


Hans Hansson is President of Starboard TCN Worldwide Real Estate Services as well as a member of the Board of Directors for TCN Worldwide Real Estate. Hans has been an active broker for over 29 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and specializes in office leasing and investments. If you have any questions or comments please email or call him at (415) 765-6897. You may also check out his website,

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