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Starboard TCN Accelerated Marketing

auction servicesStarboard TCN offers proven accelerated marketing services through our TCN affiliate, Hanna Chartwell Commercial Real Estate. Accelerated real estate sales can include structured asset sales, sealed bid auctions and open outcry auctions-anything that accelerated the traditional negotiated process for real estate. By using the accelerated process, a sale can often be accomplished in 60 days, with closing in another 30 days.

Starboard TCN is part of TCN Worldwide Commercial Real Estate with 1,200 Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Sales Associates in 200 Real Estate Markets throughout North America, Europe and Asia. TCN Worldwide has been able to fully integrate the specialty of Accelerated Real Estate Marketing together with its Negotiated Sales Capabilities throughout North America. We can effectively implement a Real Estate Auction Program in almost any location in the U.S., Canada, or the Bahamas utilizing the knowledge of our local commercial brokers and the national marketing knowledge of our TCN Worldwide Accelerated Marketing Team.