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Starboard Commercial Real Estate is a leading San Francisco commercial real estate firm, providing clients with full, all-inclusive services since 1991. Locally based, Starboard has organically acquired substantial relationships with tenants, investors, contractors, architects and accountants throughout the San Francisco-Bay Area.

As the largest, independently owned commercial real estate firm in San Francisco with both national and international affiliates, including TCN Worldwide, GVA, AREA, and Office Finder, Starboard delivers clients the highest level of local expertise while offering a global reach.

Starboard agents are positioned to know the San Francisco real estate market like no other, knowing the ins and outs of the City and has access to networks of approximately 2,000 office buildings and more than 100 million square feet of office space throughout the Bay Area. Through these networks and unique inside knowledge, Starboard makes it obtainable to assist buyers and quickly find their ideal space in one of the hottest real estate markets in the world.

Starboard Philosophy


We believe that the moderate size of our firm provides an excellent setting for personal communication between our commercial real estate agents and our principals. Details of real estate transactions are reviewed as they occur, always mindful of the fiduciary relationship between Starboard's agents and clients.

Our real estate practice strives to unite a commitment to ethical and professional representation with a dedication to personal attention and service. Historically, large real estate firms are structured with one sales manager and a few senior agents who oversee a much larger force of junior associates. We believe that those who have the most vested interest are involved in the training and overseeing of real estate assignments, quality of work will be superior.

By specializing in specific areas of real estate, we have become excellent in understanding issues in real estate matters. The coordination of specialties within Starboard and our access to outside professionals such as attorneys, contractors, architects and accountants all contribute to a superior real estate end product, accomplished in less time, with great customer satisfaction.

The Starboard Story


We chose the name "Starboard" because it signified a number of factors we wanted our company to stand for. Number one, Starboard means tacking to the right. This maneuver requires effort and sometimes without a lot of notice or warning. Therefore you have to be flexible and prepare to address whatever challenges come your way. Next we are surrounded by water therefore the name tied us to the Bay Area. Next the name is strong but informal. We wanted to send a message that we have a good time with our clients but take our job seriously. Our relaxed office allows our agents to perform in an entrepreneurial way.

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