Dec 23, 2020

San Francisco Needs To Fix The Voting Process Before We Can Make Real Change Happen

San Francisco is an over-regulated bloated bureaucracy. It is running on a one-party system with no political opposition in order to ensure checks and balances. Our city is in a significant decline and facing one of the worst crises in its history. It ...


Nov 23, 2020

How To Prepare For The Mad Rush for Office Space in 2021

Pfizer announced this week that they will begin distributing its COVID-19 Vaccine in December. If this becomes a reality and is proven to be safe and effective, then office leasing activity will actually begin. The big tech tenants like Google, ...

EDITORIALS  Nov 13, 2020

Renovation Projects For a Commercial Space That Reduce Energy Costs

You may be considering renovating your commercial space in order to accommodate your growing company. That's great! Renovating has so many benefits for [...]

EDITORIALS  Nov 04, 2020

How Local Businesses Can Take Advantage of Today’s Environment to Grow Their Business

Like any unforeseeable event, there’s always going to be winners and losers. The current economic downturn caused by COVID-19 presents business [...]

EDITORIALS  Oct 22, 2020

Two Solutions For San Francisco’s Affordable Housing Crisis

This week, Mayor London Breed announced new process improvements to speed up the approval of affordable housing, stressing the importance to get more [...]

EDITORIALS  Oct 07, 2020

Why San Francisco Needs Prop H

San Francisco Chronicle’s story last week about a store owner trying to open an ice cream shop in the Mission explains all the reasons why San Francisco [...]

EDITORIALS  Sep 25, 2020

San Francisco Leadership is Failing Us

Our city is entering a rapid decline like we haven’t seen since the 1960s. Unless San Francisco leaders take drastic actions now, it will take years [...]

EDITORIALS  Sep 24, 2020

Exterior Remodeling Projects for a Retail Space That Improve Foot Traffic

If you own a physical retail store, getting people in the door can be one of the most challenging aspects of your job. As e-commerce’s prevalence [...]

EDITORIALS  Aug 25, 2020

Why Supporting The Trades Is Important for Our Future

I recently had the chance to speak with a high labor union official. During our conversation, I asked him why is it democrats and republicans cannot [...]

EDITORIALS  Aug 18, 2020

Tips for Shopping for a Commercial Investment Property

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the outlook for many commercial spaces. Whether it be corporate offices advising [...]

EDITORIALS  Aug 10, 2020

Tips For Cleaning and Sanitizing a Commercial Building During COVID-19

Sanitization has never been as critical as it is right now. The COVID-19 pandemic requires commercial building owners to be even more diligent than they [...]

EDITORIALS  Jul 21, 2020

What to Expect When Returning to Work at a Commercial Office Space

As the country works to reopen businesses and resume some sense of normalcy, workers around the world are wondering what to expect. By April, around 62% [...]

EDITORIALS  Jul 10, 2020

Stuck Needing to Sublease and have no Takers?

Today, office and warehouse tenants who still have their offices closed since March are growing increasingly worried about their lease obligations. With [...]

EDITORIALS  Jun 29, 2020

The 3 Month Rent Waivers Are Fast Expiring– Now What?

As a commercial real estate broker, I have been inundated daily by calls from clients on what to do about paying their rent. Since the pandemic hit [...]

EDITORIALS  May 27, 2020

San Francisco Needs to Act Now to Save Retail

San Francisco is beginning to lose its core neighborhood and downtown retailers at a rapid pace. Two local brands– Specialties and The Grove– [...]

EDITORIALS  Mar 30, 2020

Can’t Pay Your Office Rent? Here’s 5 Things You Can Do Amid COVID-19

You are leasing office, retail, or industrial space and due to COVID-19 your business is at a standstill and you have little available cash to pay bills. [...]

EDITORIALS  Mar 04, 2020

Prop E Will Destroy San Francisco’s Economy- Here’s Why

The people have spoken and Proposition E has passed. As a recap, the proposition will limit future office growth in San Francisco as a function of the [...]

EDITORIALS  Feb 24, 2020

Prop E is a Very Bad Idea– Here’s Why

The future of San Francisco's office development will be left up to voters to decide in March, pending the approval of proposition E and the amendment [...]

EDITORIALS  Jan 27, 2020

“Re-adaptive” Is The New Word in Real Estate Development

Last week, the new owners of the Macy’s building downtown announced plans to redevelop the side of the building on the corner of Stockton and Geary [...]

EDITORIALS  Dec 11, 2019

When It’s Your Money, You Pay More Attention

How an Unjust Tax System Funds Unchecked Government Programs Back in the late 1970’s, there was a state revolt on what was seen as unchecked [...]

EDITORIALS  Nov 01, 2019

A Dose of Reality Ahead of The Coming Election

Supervisor’s New Ballot Measure Misguides Voters and Actually Hurts Improvement of Retail Vacancies    Supervisor Peskin has introduced a proposed [...]

EDITORIALS  Oct 16, 2019

San Francisco needs to be proactive to avoid blight near Oracle Park

The number of restaurants and bars closing around Oracle Park is not a surprise. With the San Francisco Giants struggling to attract fans after three [...]

EDITORIALS  Oct 02, 2019

How to Secure Your First Office Space

If you founded a startup and have never opened an office in the Bay Area before, you’re about to go down a journey that can be as taxing as the [...]

EDITORIALS  Sep 16, 2019

5 Things You Should Know When Planning An End-of-Year Office Move

San Francisco’s competitive office market has produced real challenges for traditional businesses competing for space against tech companies. Firms [...]

EDITORIALS  Sep 03, 2019

Where is Our City Pride?

Earlier this year, the city opened a navigation center on 5thand Bryant street. The center is located next to the freeway onramp and is surrounded by [...]

EDITORIALS  Jul 10, 2019

San Francisco Continues To Be Run To The Ground– When is Enough, Enough?

San Francisco just passed a $12.3 Billion-dollar budget, the largest budget to ever pass in the history of San Francisco, and proportionately per San [...]

EDITORIALS  Jun 12, 2019

How Your Building’s New Common Area Is Affecting Your Office Rent

When looking at a new commercial property, one of the first steps to evaluating a new space is reviewing the square footage. However, many don’t [...]

EDITORIALS  May 08, 2019

San Francisco: The Dirty City

I recently came back from Washington D.C.. It had been over ten years since I was last there and my first impression was, “Wow! This city is SO clean!” [...]

EDITORIALS  Apr 17, 2019

What City Officials Do Not Understand About Neighborhood Retail

There are been all kinds of discussion about the current state of retail in our neighborhoods. Today in NC zoning (Neighborhood Commercial), there are [...]

EDITORIALS  Apr 15, 2019

SF Business Times: S.F. vacancy tax is a terrible idea

This article originally appeared in San Francisco Business Times on April 11, 2019. As you walk the streets of San Francisco, especially in the downtown [...]

EDITORIALS  Mar 13, 2019

San Francisco Public Transportation: Looking into the Future, not the Present

Back in the early 1960’s, Governor “Pat” Brown, father of Governor Jerry Brown, embarked on building a bridge to Coronado Island in [...]

EDITORIALS  Jan 28, 2019

IRS 1031 Exchange: A Great Way To Get Out of San Francisco

Selling a Highly Appreciated Multifamily Building Could Trigger a Substantial Capital Gains Tax. As we look at the last 10 years leading up to the [...]

EDITORIALS  Jan 23, 2019

What Is Going to Happen to Commercial Real Estate in 2019?

After being in the commercial real estate business in San Francisco for over 34 years, I feel confident to say that in entering another new year, I have [...]

EDITORIALS  Dec 19, 2018

How the West Was Won.... and It Can be Lost

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce recently announced that their current President and CEO Tallia Hart will be leaving along with the Vice President [...]

EDITORIALS  Nov 28, 2018

How Will We Do in 2019?

TCN Worldwide is one of the largest networks of independently owned commercial estate firms in the world. On a recent national call with TCN, the question [...]

EDITORIALS  Nov 14, 2018

Removing Commercial Properties from Prop 13 Protection is Misguided and Dangerous

On June 6, 1978, nearly two-thirds of California’s voters passed Proposition 13, reducing property tax rates on homes, businesses and farms by about [...]

EDITORIALS  Oct 10, 2018

The Pros and Cons of Private vs. Co-Working Office Space

When your business is a startup and you don’t know just how quickly your business will grow, the decision to lease a coworking space over a direct [...]

EDITORIALS  Sep 24, 2018

The San Francisco Homeless Crisis and its True Impact on Local Businesses

Today, the retail community is faced with many serious challenges. From the threats of the online shopping world to the scarcity of labor– and [...]

EDITORIALS  Sep 19, 2018

Thank you, Mayor Breed

As a critic of the direction that our city has taken in solving homelessness and how we take care of cleaning our streets, I have to commend our new Mayor, [...]

EDITORIALS  Sep 11, 2018

Tech Offices Are the New Sweatshops: How Tech Amenities Are Killing Retail

In 1984 when I got into the commercial real estate business, San Francisco had a vibrant garment production business, commonly known as “sweatshops.” [...]

EDITORIALS  Aug 31, 2018

The Plan of Action to Help Low Income Communities Thrive

As of this week, there have been 344 murders in Chicago in 2018. Efforts put forth by city officials have failed to stem the tide of not only murders [...]

EDITORIALS  Aug 15, 2018

The Cost of Losing Personal Service in Real Estate

Many years ago, I began purchasing single family homes for investment in Arizona. I had found a terrific residential real estate agent whom I trusted [...]

EDITORIALS  Jul 05, 2018

Trump Tariffs: Good or Bad for Commercial Real Estate?

If President Trump follows through with his plan to institute tariffs in order to force more fair trade, then commercial real estate across the country [...]

EDITORIALS  Jun 06, 2018

Lessons Learned from Hurricane Maria & How We Can Fix Homelessness in San Francisco

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in September of last year, many here in San Francisco watched as the tragedy unfolded across newspapers and screens. [...]

EDITORIALS  Mar 27, 2018

The Hidden Fees That Eat Away At Your Budget

Today, the costs to build any residential or commercial properties are through the roof. When you set yourself a budget, my recommendation is to double [...]

EDITORIALS  Feb 07, 2018

Where Did Etiquette Go?

Common etiquette, at least what I have learned and practiced, has certainly evolved in ways that are very different today. “Please” and “thank [...]

EDITORIALS  Jan 03, 2018

2018: The Closing Chapter for The Current Boom?

Having been in the commercial real estate business since 1984, I have experienced three boom and bust cycles throughout my career. The beginning of the [...]

EDITORIALS  Jan 03, 2018

Happy New Year! Is It Really Time for Change?

The ongoing tradition of making a list of positive changes you want to implement in your life in a new year can actually be productive. A number of people [...]

EDITORIALS  Dec 20, 2017

How One Restaurateur Transformed Downtown Philly From Sleepy to Swanky

In a new book by Enrico Moretti, “The New Geography of Jobs,” Moretti provides a deep dive where job opportunities are and why that is the [...]

EDITORIALS  Nov 29, 2017

The New Generation and Changes in Commercial Real Estate

One of the most active industrial markets in the country can be found in Chicago. Commercial Real Estate properties there can easily make $300,000 - [...]

EDITORIALS  Nov 15, 2017

Add Education To Your Calendar

As a result of owning my own commercial real estate firm since 1991, I have seen what works and doesn’t work in the successful development of a [...]

EDITORIALS  Sep 13, 2017

Why the Warehouse Supply Continues to Disappoint the Demand

Warehouse demand is at an all-time high and industrial vacancies are at their lowest point in nearly two decades at 5.3 percent, according to JOC.com's [...]

EDITORIALS  Sep 07, 2017

Airbnb Meets the Retail World

In a recent tweet, President Trump recently pointed out again how Amazon is hurting retail in cities, saying “Amazon is doing great damage to tax-paying [...]

EDITORIALS  Jul 26, 2017

Amazon's Move to San Francisco Highlights The City's Challenges Around Office Space

Amazon recently announced the largest office lease signing this year in San Francisco– 180,000 square feet and occupying multiple floors at 525 [...]

EDITORIALS  Jul 12, 2017

San Franciscans: Are We Getting Our Moneys Worth?

San Francisco’s Mayor, Ed Lee, just announced a $10.1 billion city budget, with increased spending to address homelessness. The two-year budget [...]

EDITORIALS  Jun 19, 2017

Cities Across the US Need to Carefully Consider Zoning Changes

Asking our government to be proactive may seem like a long shot, but the City leaders across the country need to understand the impact of the changing [...]
EDITORIALS  Mar 28, 2017

Game Changer: How Retailers Can Compete with Amazon Drone Delivery Service

Amazon continues to take center stage in retail thanks to a variety of things they've done right– great customer service, competitive pricing, unbeatable [...]
The White Houses
EDITORIALS  Jan 31, 2017

Our History on Domestic Spending and Its Impact on Commercial Real Estate

In 1981, President Reagan took office on a program of heavy domestic spending and fixing international trade disparities that were threatening American [...]
SF building codes
EDITORIALS  Jan 04, 2017

Why San Francisco's Board of Supervisors Cannot Avoid Enforcement of Building Codes

On the heels of the recent tragic Oakland fire, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is working to protect our artist community by preventing enforced [...]
Castro Street
EDITORIALS  Nov 30, 2016

An Open Letter to San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

Dear San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Several years ago, one of our citizens and small business owner, Juliet Pries, had an idea to open a "prohibition style" [...]
Office Design
EDITORIALS  Nov 11, 2016

Today's Office Design Not Your Grandfather's Office

For those of you way too young to remember the Bewitched television series from the 1960's and 70's, each week we watched scenes of Darrin Stevens working [...]
Interest Rate
EDITORIALS  Oct 03, 2016

The Domino Effect of an Interest Rate Uptick

When my wife and I bought our first home in San Francisco for $138,000 in 1978, we were required to put 25 percent down. We were so excited to get a 30-year [...]
Shopping Center
EDITORIALS  Jun 01, 2016

Density Availability and The Cyclical Evolution of Retail

Years ago, neighborhoods were built around neighborhood street retail. Often times people lived above retail stores or homes were within a short walking [...]
disappearance of the phone call
EDITORIALS  Jan 19, 2016

How Digital Communication is Affecting Office Design

Walk into almost any office today and listen. Among colleagues chatting and the sound of typing, what don't you hear? Phones ringing... From sales offices [...]

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